29 February 2016

Gallery: 'Class A' in production

Exclusive: latest stills from the Dublin gangland drama Class A, which began filming recently...

26 February 2016

BBC 3 goes online only with drama 'Thirteen'

Thirteen is a new crime drama that begins on the now online-only channel BBC Three this weekend, with a screenplay by upcoming writer Marnie Dickens.

25 February 2016

Books 2 and 3 in 'Eddie Flynn' series

The Plea, Steve Cavanagh's follow up to his acclaimed debut novel The Defence, is due to be published on 19 May 2016.

24 February 2016

Free Claire McGowan story is Paula Maguire prequel

Claire McGowan's short story Controlled Explosions is currently available in a free Kindle edition on Amazon.

It's a prequel to her Paula Maguire full-length series about the forensic psychologist, as it brings the character back to her teenage years.

23 February 2016

Paula Hawkins to headline Crime Story festival

Paula Hawkins, author of The Girl on the Train, will headline this year’s Crime Story festival in Newcastle upon Tyne on 11 June 2016.

22 February 2016

Two new dramas set in gangland Dublin

Two crime dramas set in Dublin's drugs underworld are in the pipeline. Currently in post-production is Cardboard Gangsters, co-written by director Mark O’Connor with frequent collaborator John Connors (pictured above), who starred in three seasons of Love/Hate.

Cream of Irish crime writing at Dulwich

The third "Deadly in Dulwich" event in London is devoted to Irish crime fiction. Authors Sinead Crowley, Jo Spain and Kate McQuaile will talk about their work at Dulwich Books on 26 April 2016. Tickets for the evening are £10 including whiskey cocktails.

20 February 2016

New title and cover for Sam Blake novel

Sam Blake's forthcoming crime novel Little Bones, which was originally going to be titled "The Dressmaker", is due out on 17 May 2016.

It's the first in a series featuring Cathy "Cat" Connolly, a twentysomething Dublin garda and kickboxing champion.

19 February 2016

Second series of 'The Missing' begins filming

The BBC has confirmed that filming has begun on a second series of critically acclaimed thriller The Missing, with a fresh cast and storyline.

18 February 2016

Liz Nugent's follow-up to 'Unravelling Oliver'

Lying in Wait, Liz Nugent's eagerly awaited follow-up to her best-selling and award-winning first novel Unravelling Oliver, will be published on 7 July 2016.

17 February 2016

Author profile: Carolann Copland

Besides running workshops and retreats for writers, Carolann Copland has also published the first two novels in a trilogy that crosses several genres including crime fiction.

16 February 2016

'Mammal' comes to Dublin film festival

Among the highlights of the Audi Dublin International Film Festival later this month is Rebecca Daly's award-winning drama Mammal.

15 February 2016

Swedish crime thriller 'Modus' for BBC 4

Fremantle Media has announced that BBC Four has acquired Modus, an eight-part crime thriller from Sweden.

11 February 2016

10 highlights from this year's Aye Write!

Claire McGowan is among the Irish contingent at this year's Aye Write! literary festival in Glasgow. She will be on the panel discussing "Criminal Neighbours" on 20 March in the Mitchell Library at 6 pm.

9 February 2016

Last chapter for Brannagh's Wallander

The BBC still won't say when it will show the fourth and final season of Kenneth Branagh's adapatation of the Wallander series.

8 February 2016

Author profile: David Callinan

David Callinan had a long and illustrious musical career before publishing his first crime fiction novel. He was born into a family from Limerick and grew up in the UK. After graduating from art school and various temporary jobs he became a full-time musician.

4 February 2016

'Au service de France'

Au service de France is a quirky historical espionage series, but unlike the acclaimed Deutschland 83 the French series begins at the start of the 1960s and puts the emphasis on parody and comedy.

3 February 2016

Sean Kinsella, the Norwegian noir translator

His name may be unfamiliar to most Irish fans of Nordic noir, but Seán Kinsella is a leading translator of Norwegian crime fiction into English.

2 February 2016

Instagram-based crime thriller 'Shield 5'

Photo-sharing platform Instagram has begun broadcasting Shield 5, an experimental crime serial of 28 15-second video "episodes" running throughout the month of February.

Next 'Stefan Gillespie' novel on the way

The City in Darkness by Michael Russell is due to be published in May 2016, and is the third in his series of "Stefan Gillespie" historical detective novels.
Christmas 1939. 
Europe is in the "Phoney War". In Ireland, Detective Inspector Stefan Gillespie is keeping tabs on Irishmen joining the British Forces and closing down a Gate Theatre production of a play that has "offended" the German ambassador. He is all the more uncomfortable because Kate O’Donnell now works at the Gate.

1 February 2016

BBC to adapt Le Carré's 'The Night Manager'

Hugh Laurie, Olivia Colman and Tom Hiddleston head a starry cast in BBC One's forthcoming adaptation of John le Carré's The Night Manager. It will be the first TV adaptation of a le Carré novel in more than two decades, and includes a cameo appearance by the author.