4 January 2016

Channel 4 launches 'Walter Presents'

While BBC 4 has shown a clear demand for foreign-language crime shows such as the original Wallander, Borgen and The Bridge, Channel 4 upped the ante this week with the launch of its new online channel Walter Presents.

The free service will feature crime dramas and thrillers from around the world, in their original languages with English subtitles. The partnership between Channel 4 and the Global Series Network (GSN) originally had the working title "4 World Drama". The more distinctive "Walter Presents" title emphasises how each show is personally handpicked by GSN's Walter Iuzzolino.

The following titles are available online this month:
  • Deutschland 83 (Germany, one of our favourite TV shows from last year)
  • Cenk Batu (Germany)
  • Heartless (Denmark)
  • Kabul Kitchen (France)
  • 10 (Switzerland, in French)
  • The Lens (Czech Republic)
  • Match Day (Virage Nord) (France)
  • Pure Evil (Malicia) (Argentina)
  • Spin (Les hommes de l’ombre) (France, starts 8 January)
Walter Presents will eventually host more than 600 hours of foreign drama for box-set viewing on All 4, with an option to download episodes to watch on the go. A selection of the best series from Walter Presents will also be televised on Channel 4 and More 4.

Other Euro dramas currently available online in All 4’s World Drama category include Norwegian thriller Mammon, French wartime drama Resistance (Résistance), and some episodes of the supernatural drama The Returned (Les Revenants).