6 June 2015

Riviera job for Jordan, Banville and McGuinness

Former U2 manager Paul McGuinness is to produce a TV crime drama series set in the south of France, with a writing team headed by Neil Jordan and John Banville. The trio are working on the series for pay TV.

Speaking to the Irish Times, McGuinness said the series would be titled Riviera. After filming on the Côte d'Azur, post-production work will be done in Ireland, to take advantage of its tax breaks; the series should air by autumn 2016.

McGuinness has numerous TV and film connections over the years. Before becoming involved with U2 he worked as a film technician on productions such as John Boorman's sci-fi movie Zardoz. He was a founding partner of TV3 (Ireland) and is a director of Ardmore Studios.

McGuinness stepped down as manager of U2 in November 2013 after 34 years with the band.