7 January 2015

Author profile: Ingrid Black

Ingrid Black is the pseudonym of husband-and-wife writing team Eilis O'Hanlon and Ian McConnel.

Their "Saxon and Fitzgerald" series revolves around Saxon (her first name is never revealed), a dysfunctional, cigar-smoking former FBI agent who ran away from her former life and now lives in Dublin.

Saxon is in a relationship with Grace Fitzgerald, a Detective Chief Superintendent in charge of the Dublin Metropolitan Police’s Murder Squad (although the DMP disbanded in 1925 this is a modern series).

The first Ingrid Black thriller The Dead (2003) was followed by The Dark Eye (2004), The Judas Heart (2007) and Circle of the Dead (2008).

The authors live in Belfast. O'Hanlon is originally from the city and writes for the Sunday Independent. She is well known for taking a heavily critical line against Sinn Féin.