5 January 2015

Author profile: Colin Bateman

Colin Bateman is a crime fiction and children's novelist, screenwriter and former journalist from Bangor, County Down.

He has been producing novels since his debut, the award-winning Divorcing Jack (1994). The satirical black comedy set in Northern Ireland was also adapted into a 1998 film starring David Thewlis.

Several other Bateman novels feature either the Belfast journalist-turned-PI Dan Starkey, or Mystery Man, "former patient and owner of No Alibis, Belfast's finest mystery bookshop".

Bateman's book Murphy's Law (2011) was adapted from the BBC television series Murphy's Law (2001-07), featuring James Nesbitt. For the book, Bateman changed the character's name from Tommy to Martin Murphy:

"I wanted to be able to control the character if – as it turned out to be true – I was no longer writing the series and someone else decided to take it in a different direction"

Much of his work is produced under the name "Bateman" (rather than his full name); his novel I Predict a Riot (2007) bears the dedication: "For my Christian name, gone but not forgotten."

Official author website: Colinbateman.com

Author on Twitter: @ColinBateman

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