16 August 2016

Paddy Slattery crowdfunds new crime thriller

Irish writer/director Paddy Slattery has begun crowdfunding via Indiegogo for his new crime thriller The Broken Law of Attraction.

Dave Connolly (Tristan Heanue) is a young Garda whose younger brother Joe has a criminal background and is in desperate need of his help. Against his better judgement, Dave decides to help him but then falls in love with Amia, the victim of his brother's crime. So begins a web of secrets and lies...

The production is by the multi-award winning Zanzibar Films. Since it was founded by Edwina Forkin in 2002, Zanzibar has become one of Ireland’s leading production companies. Among its credits are adaptations of Ken Bruen's "Jack Taylor" novels, starring Iain Glen.