11 August 2016

Trailer for the BBC's 'One of Us' thriller

The BBC says it will begin showing One of Us, its new four-part crime thriller set in the Scottish Highlands, from 23 August at 9 pm on BBC 1.

Childhood sweethearts Adam Elliot and Grace Douglas are just back from their honeymoon when they are brutally murdered. Their families, neighbours in a remote Highland village, are devastated.

But their world is turned upside down when the murderer arrives on their doorstep the night after the killing. A storm has been raging, and his car comes off the road. When the two families find him, badly injured, they are faced with a terrible dilemma...

The script is by Harry and Jack Williams (The Missing), and the cast includes John Lynch, Juliet Stevenson, Joanna Canderham, Laura Fraser and Joe Dempsie.