19 May 2016

Alan Glynn's 'Paradime' to become TV series?

Irish author Alan Glynn's new doppelganger novel Paradime could be heading to TV.  ITV Studios America has bought the rights to the conspiracy thriller.

The Hollywood Reporter says Glenn Gordon Caron, probably best known as the creator of Moonlighting, could be the showrunner of the series. Paradime is published on this side of the Atlantic on 26 May 2016.

After working as a private contractor in Afghanistan, Danny Lynch is back in New York and broke. He is also haunted by something he witnessed at the base - a fact that could ultimately destroy him.

Then he spots billionaire tech entrepreneur Teddy Trager, with whom he shares an uncanny resemblance. Before long Danny is passing undetected into Trager's gilded realm. But what does he find there? And is there a route home?