14 April 2017

St Hilda's Mystery and Crime Conference 2017

The role of location in crime fiction is the theme of this year's St Hilda's Mystery and Crime Conference in Oxford, running from 18 to 20 August. Icelandic author Yrsa Sigurðardóttir (above) is guest of honour.

The sessions include:

  • Val McDermid - "I now describe my country as if to strangers."
  • Andrew Taylor - The Cinderella of Crime: is setting is the unsung heroine of crime and other fictions?
  • Manda Scott - Six Senses: Miss Smilla, Snow and the creation of place
  • Belinda Bauer - The Devil’s In The Detail You Can’t See On Google Maps
  • Sharon Bolton- The Entirely Unnecessary Research Trip or, as Einstein put it: "Imagination is more important than knowledge”
  • Abir Mukherjee - Place, time and committing murder to scratch an itch: how writing a crime novel helped me make sense of my heritage
  • Miranda Carter - Wheredunnit: Crime fiction’s worlds and how they got me to Thuggee

The "Crime And Mystery Dinner" on the evening of Saturday 19 August features a murder mystery written and hosted by Ann Cleeves and Professor Lorna Dawson.

Booking information here.