27 January 2017

Courses with Declan Burke and Louise Phillips

Two leading names on the Irish crime fiction scene, Declan Burke and Louise Phillips, will be presenting writing courses at the Irish Writers Centre in Dublin this spring.

Declan is an award-winning author of six novels, the editor / co-editor of two non-fiction titles on crime writing, and editor of the recent short story anthology Trouble is Our Business.

He will present a one-day course on "Mystery and Suspense" on Saturday 11 March 2017.

"All great crime fiction stems from the fact that character is mystery. From whodunits to psychological thrillers, via private eyes and police procedurals, we’ll uncover the crucial elements that make for a memorable crime/mystery novel. 

"Embracing plot, character, style, language, setting, tone and the authorial voice, this course employs classic and contemporary crime writing to illustrate the way forward for authors seeking to hone their craft and maximise the impact of their writing."

Louise is the award-winning author of four novels. Her debut novel Red Ribbons was nominated for the Best Irish Crime Novel of the Year 2012, and her second novel, The Doll's House, won the award in 2013.

Her 10-week "Begin Your Novel" course begins on Tuesday 14 February 2017, and runs in two-hour sessions starting at 6.30pm.

"You will learn how to plot, outline, develop your cast of characters, and use mind maps, whilst understanding how best to create effective dialogue. Along with editorial critique, during the course you will explore and develop your story world, including setting and points of view."