29 December 2016

A Spanish best-seller set in Donegal

Writer and musician Mikel Santiago drew on his experiences in Donegal for his debut novel The Last Night At Tremore Beach. Already a best-seller in his native Spain and with the translation rights sold in 12 countries, the book's English-language version will be published in March 2017.

Musician Peter Harper's career and personal life are in trouble. He travels to northwest Ireland and rents a remote cottage on beautiful, windswept Tremore Beach. He thinks he has found a tranquil  refuge in a time of crisis.

His only neighbours for miles around are a retired American couple who sense his difficulties and take him under their wing. But there’s something strange about the pair that he can’t quite figure out.

About the author

Mikel Santiago was born in northern Spain in 1975 and is himself a musician and writer. He spent over a decade in Ireland and the Netherlands, and now lives in Bilbao with his family.

He is also the author of a novella, History of a Perfect Crime. In 2015 he released El Mal Camino (The Wrong Way) which went straight to the top of the Spanish charts.