24 November 2016

Retired diplomat creates Belfast detective series

Development aid consultant and retired diplomat Derek Fee has published seven non-fiction books as well as five thrillers featuring a Belfast-based PSNI detective.

His "DCI Wilson" series begins with Nothing but Memories (2013):

A professional assassin is killing young Protestant men in Belfast. With sectarian tensions mounting, DCI Ian Wilson and the Murder Squad need to delve into the murky past of the Troubles to uncover the real motive for the killings. 

About the author

Derek Fee studied engineering at University College Dublin and has an MBA from Trinity College and a PhD in Business Administration from UCD.

In the 1970s he was a field engineer for Shell International Petroleum in the North Sea and the Netherlands, then worked at the Institute for Industrial Research and Standards in Dublin and the National Iranian Oil Company in Iran.

He joined the European Commission in 1978 and travelled widely, becoming Head of Delegation of the Commission to Kenya and Somalia from 2004 to 2006, then Head of Delegation in Zambia until December 2010.

He lives in Connemara with his wife Aine "in one of those picturesque fishing villages that you see on postcards".