16 May 2016

Harry Edger, Belfast PI

Neal Martin's recently published conspiracy thriller Souls At Zero (also available as Dead Reckoning) is set in modern-day Belfast.

Harry Edger is a private investigator and ex-Foreign Legionnaire. When his 12-year-old daughter Kaitlin is kidnapped, to get her back he must kill the mayor of Belfast within 24 hours, or Kaitlin will be sent back to him in pieces.

Before he started writing full time, Martin was a plasterer for 15 years, and other jobs included landscape gardener, office worker, salesman and nightclub bouncer. He then became a professional martial artist and self defence instructor.

He began writing non-fiction books on martial arts and self-defence, then moved into the dark urban fantasy genre, writing five novels as N. P. Martin.

He lives with his family in Lurgan, County Armagh.