14 April 2016

Fourth book in Laurence O'Bryan's 'Puzzle' series

The Nuremberg Puzzle, the fourth in Laurence O’Bryan's best-selling "Puzzle" series of conspiracy thrillers featuring Sean Ryan and Isabel Sharp, is published on Kindle this morning.

In Nuremberg Sean Ryan meets old colleague Eleni Kibre, who is angry about her discoveries about neo-fascism's rise in Germany. An hour later she is grotesquely murdered.

The police arrive at Sean’s hotel to question him. That night Eleni’s partner goes missing. Soon Sean is on the trail of murderers intent on committing mass genocide in Europe.

Afraid of what’s about to happen, British diplomat Isabel Sharp follows Sean to Nuremberg. Her grandfather worked at the Nuremberg trials and committed suicide soon after. His last letter claims that the real culprits were never tried at Nuremberg...

The previous books in the series are The Istanbul Puzzle (2012) - which has been translated into 10 languages - The Jerusalem Puzzle (2013) and The Manhattan Puzzle (2014). All three were published by HarperCollins but O'Bryan decided to self-publish The Nuremberg Puzzle after both his editors left the publishing house.

About the author

Laurence O'Bryan grew up in County Down and went to school in Dublin. He studied English and history, then business, then IT at Oxford University. He worked in IT marketing for 25 years, much of the time in London.

He is on the committee of the Irish Writers' Union, and hosts a monthly crime writers’ group in Dublin. He founded BooksGoSocial.com in 2013 to promote and support other writers, and he teaches digital marketing.