22 February 2016

Two new dramas set in gangland Dublin

Two crime dramas set in Dublin's drugs underworld are in the pipeline. Currently in post-production is Cardboard Gangsters, co-written by director Mark O’Connor with frequent collaborator John Connors (pictured above), who starred in three seasons of Love/Hate.

Connors plays the head of a drugs gang attempting to wrestle control of an area of Darndale from another gang. The cast also includes Jimmy Smallhorne, Kierston Wareing, Fionn Walton, Damien Dempsey, Denise McCormack, Paul Roe, Stephen Clinch and Corey McKinley.

UFC fighters Cathal Pendred and Nathan Kelly also make cameos. TV3 has acquired the broadcast rights.

Meanwhile filming recently began on Class A:
Vinny and Warren are inner-city drug dealers united by a hunger for money. With the discovery of a new and innovative drug importation system, they seem untouchable. But they soon find themselves being blackmailed by a corrupt detective.
The cast includes John D’alessandro and Aaron Blake - both also feature in Cardboard Gangsters - Justine O’Rourke, Saoirse Doyle, Alan Sherlock, Joe Byrne, Ryan Lincoln and Sohaila Lindheim.

The independent production company behind it, Deep Web Films, is co-founded by Stephen Gaffney and Erica Keegan. Their feature film debut was the award-winning Bully (2015).