20 January 2016

4th 'Breen & Tozer' is in the pipeline

A Book of Scars, book three in William Shaw's "Breen & Tozer" series (out in North America this week as A Song for the Brokenhearted) was previously billed as the conclusion of Shaw's trilogy featuring London Irish detective Cathal Breen.

But William says there will be a fourth book in the series, set in summer 1969 "when the Rolling Stones were playing live in Hyde Park".

The paperback edition of A Book of Scars will be released on 10 March. Meanwhile on 19 May he will also publish The Birdwatcher, a standalone novel with more Irish connections. Set in present-day Dungeness, its main police character's hobby is studying bird migrations on the Kent coast:
Police Sergeant William South has a reason for not wanting to be on the murder investigation. 
He is a murderer himself. 
But the victim was his only friend; like him, a passionate birdwatcher. South is warily partnered with the strong-willed DS Alexandra Cupidi, newly recruited from London. 
Together they find the body, violently beaten, forced inside a wooden chest. They soon find a suspect: Donnie Fraser, a drifter from Northern Ireland...