5 December 2015

Here comes Trainspotting 2 again

Two decades on from the film version of Irvine Welsh's debut novel Trainspotting, TriStar Pictures is working on the sequel.

Danny Boyle will direct again, with at least four of the original cast - Ewan McGregor, Robert Carlyle, Ewen Bremmer and Jonny Lee Miller. It's unclear whether Kelly Macdonald will resume her role as Diane.

Last June McGregor told the Scotsman that he had buried the hatchet with director Boyle after a long-running row, and welcomed a sequel. "I would be up for it, I’ve said that to Danny. Everybody has talked about it and speculated about it, but I don’t [know] if it’s happening yet."

The script will be very loosely based on Welsh's follow-up novel Porno, because the characters (and actors) are much older now. TriStar says it's aiming for a 2017 release, with a production start next spring.