22 July 2015

James Nesbitt to star in Stan Lee thriller

Comicbook legend Stan Lee has created an unusual cop character for Sky 1. In Lucky Man the Irish actor James Nesbitt plays a down-on-his-luck murder detective who discovers he can control luck.
London policeman DI Harry Clayton is a compulsive gambler who finds an ancient bracelet that seems to make things go his way, but some nasty villains want the bangle back.
Lucky Man is being made by Carnival Films, the production company behind Downton Abbey. The series will be aired early next year. Sky 1 director Adam Macdonald describes it as "a visually striking crime thriller".

Since Nesbitt's first major TV role in Cold Feet he has frequently appeared in crime drama series, including Murphy's Law (based on Colin Bateman's undercover cop character), and recent BBC series The Missing and Channel 4's Babylon, Danny Boyle’s dark satire about the Met.
  • Update, 16/01/2016: The first episode of Lucky Man will be broadcast on Sky 1 on Friday, 22 January at 9 pm.