29 June 2015

New Paul Williams book on Graham Dwyer case

Paul Williams has joined the growing list of crime journalists to write a book about the notorious Graham Dwyer murder case.

Almost The Perfect Murder, which was serialised by the Irish Independent at the weekend and is in bookshops this week, examines the Garda investigation into Dwyer's murder of Elaine O'Hara in August 2012.

The first book about the Dwyer case, I'm Sorry, Sir: The Double Life of Graham Dwyer, Ireland's BDSM Killer, was published by Niamh O'Connor on 4 April 2015, just days after the trial concluded.

On 2 April the Irish Mirror reported that Dwyer himself intended to write "a tell-all book behind bars".

Among Paul Williams's other true-crime books are Gangland (1998), Crimelords (2003), The Untouchables (2006),  Badfellas (2011), and Murder Inc. (2014), the latter about the rise of organised crime in Limerick since the 1990s.

Williams has worked for the Sunday World and Irish News and has been Investigations Editor at the Irish Sun since 2012. He also contributes to the Irish Independent and TV3.