12 May 2015

Matt Dillon in 'Wayward Pines'

Matt Dillon heads a stellar cast in M Night Shyamalan’s twisty new drama series Wayward Pines, based on Blake Crouch's trilogy of best-selling novels.

Dillon plays a secret agent who wakes up bloodied and bewildered in a small town in Idaho, where dark secrets lurk below the picture-perfect surface of picket fences and family stores.

The series is already being compared to Twin Peaks, which author Crouch admits was a major influence. Crime Fiction Fella's blog describes the book as:
"A mash-up of movie and TV references... it’s a thriller, a frontier western and, ultimately, a science-fiction opus. It’s all a bit daft, but hugely readable... Pines is High Concept with a vengeance."
Fox UK will screen the10-part adaptation beginning this Thursday at 9 pm.