6 May 2015

Patti Smith does Jo Nesbø's audio book

By Jake Harrington

Poet and rock legend Patti Smith is the inspired choice to read the new audio edition of Jo Nesbø's latest thriller Blood On Snow.

Smith has previously only narrated her own work, such as Just Kids (2010). She and Nesbø are said to be big fans of each other's work.

Norwegian writer Nesbø is primarily known for his best-selling crime novels about the Oslo Crime Squad's Inspector Harry Hole (pronounced hoh-leh). There have been 10 books in the series so far. But he also has a musical career in the rock band Di Derre.

Blood On Snow is one of his standalone thrillers:
Norway in the 1970s. Olav is a "fixer" - a contract killer for top Oslo crime boss Daniel Hoffmann. It's a lonely life because when you "fix" people for a living – terminally – it can be hard to get close to anyone. When Olav meets the woman of his dreams there are two minor problems: she is Hoffmann's wife, and Olav has just been hired to kill her.