19 May 2015

Aidan Gillen stars in London noir

Aidan Gillen has been getting a general thumbs up for his latest performance in Still - though the film itself has had mixed reviews.

Writer / director Simon Blake's first feature film is a small-scale production set in north London around King's Cross.
Photographer Tom Carver is still struggling to come to terms with the death of his teenage son in a car crash a year ago. His life is spiralling out of control, and after a chance altercation on a trip to the local off-licence he becomes involved in a feud with a teenage gang.

"This fascinating feature debut from Simon Blake spends much of its duration working out what it wants to be: domestic drama, London noir, social-realist tragedy. The film never quite finds an answer, but the willingness to try on so many metaphorical hats is refreshing in itself." - Donald Clarke, Irish Times
"A film which is desperate to make a grand statement about the awful toll of isolation but falls short of its ambitions." - Trevor Johnston, Time Out
"We are so used to seeing Aidan Gillen playing power-wielding politicos that it's almost disconcerting to see how comfortably he inhabits the skin of a character hurtling towards rock bottom..." - Wendy Ide, Times
"The plot is largely uninteresting and a last-minute revelation is too little too late." - Benjamin Lee, Guardian
"Still is a movie about snapshots of images and memories, and how they can equally delight or torment us." - Stephen Martin, Irish Post