19 April 2015

New crime novel by Neil Jordan

Author and film director Neil Jordan has turned to crime fiction with his latest novel The Drowned Detective.

The forthcoming book was revealed at this week's London Book Fair. While details are scant, the novel is set in an unnamed city in Eastern Europe.
As a private detective tries to find a missing girl and his wife struggles with the implications of her discoveries on an archaeological dig, they struggle both with their marriage and the increasingly strange happenings occurring around them.
Jordan's Notting Hill-based agents Lutyens & Rubinstein say the final manuscript is completed and they aim for publication in 2016.

Update, 24 April 2015: Octagon Films also reports that among its projects currently in development is Traces, a crime thriller written and to be directed by Jordan.
Jonathan is a workaholic cold cases detective based in Budapest who specialises in tracking missing persons through the traces people leave behind – mobile phones, emails, habits, routine… 
He is as adept at tracking down an international fraudster as he is at spying on his own wife, Sarah, whom, due to his work-obsessed life, he suspects is having an affair.