24 April 2015

Mel Healy's new novelette: 'Way To Go'

The Kindle version of Ghost Flight, the latest novel in Mel Healy's series featuring Dublin PI Moss Reid, also includes a new novelette, Way To Go.

Gina Cusack was only wife number two. Most of the late Joe Cusack's fortune and his engineering business in England will go to wife number three. But Gina will still get a tidy sum in the will - once she scatters his ashes on Galway Bay. When she hires Moss Reid to take her there, what could possibly go wrong?
Healy’s series features a private investigator whose priorities in life are to "eat, drink and investigate – in that order". While Another Case in Cowtown (2013) and Black Marigolds (2014), are mostly set around Stoneybatter in Dublin, Ghost Flight also brings the action to the Languedoc, Galway and Donegal.
2008: The Irish economy is about to go belly up, and three Irish businessmen disappear in a light aircraft off the west coast of Ireland. There is no mayday message. No wreckage, no bodies, nothing. 
Six years later, Niamh McElhinney bumps into one of the missing men in the south of France. Then she, too, goes missing. Time to call Wilde & Reid Investigations…