1 April 2015

Camilla Läckberg on Scandi noir

Sometimes called "the Swedish Agatha Christie", here Camilla Läckberg discusses Scandinavian crime fiction.

It is less about superhero cops, she says, and more about creating believable three-dimensional characters, people who are normal human beings with life's struggles.

She also talks about the stark beauty of Sweden's northern coastline, and how small towns can be far more terrifying than big cities.
"For me actually, specific images – snapshots – come first, and then the story starts to come together from those bits and pieces. I am very visual when I write, I 'see' the story in pictures and writing a book is like having a movie running in my head 24/7." - Camilla Läckberg
Since her debut novel The Ice Princess (2003) she has published crime novels, cookery books and children's stories.

Author's official website: Camillalackberg.com

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