16 March 2015

Introducing CFI's 'Crime Shorts'

by Jake Harrington, Fiction Editor

Our "Crime Shorts" slot will showcase crime fiction short stories and flash fiction. We are looking for compelling tales, intriguing characters and clever twists.

So here we are now, entertain us.

The rules

  1. We can't pay for your stories (there are currently no prizes other than fame), but there's no entry fee either.
  2. Keep it criminal. If your story has no crime we don't want to know.
  3. Keep it short. Anything over 1,500 words would need to be very special. 
  4. We prefer some Irish connection (either an Irish setting or Irish characters, or you are an Irish writer or a writer based in Ireland) but it's not absolutely essential.
  5. Copy your story into the body of your email to us - do not send it as an attachment.
  6. A short bio (say 100-150 words) is optional.
  7. Your mugshot is also optional
  8. Stories that require major edits (sloppy grammar, bad spelling etc) will not be used.
  9. Email your entries to crimefictionireland [at] gmail [dot] com
  10. At all times you retain copyright to your work. In submitting your story you confirm that it is your own work, and you agree to give us permission for its one-off online publication at Crimeire.blogspot.com. If you need to restrict the time your story stays online at crimeire.blogspot.com site (e.g. to four months) please spell this out in your email to us.
  11. We don't mind if you submit your story elsewhere, now or any time in the future.
  12. But if it has already appeared elsewhere - in, say, an anthology or writing competition - be polite: make sure you haven't given these other people a prior promise along the lines of not submitting your story simultaneously to other places.