5 January 2015

Author pofile: Tony Bailie

Novelist, poet and journalist Tony Bailie is from Downpatrick, Co Down. His third novel A Verse to Murder (2012) is available as an ebook.

When police find Northern Ireland's leading poet with a noose around his neck and his trousers around his ankles they assume it is a case of death by sexual misadventure. 
When Sunday tabloid hack Barry Crowe looks into the dead poet's background he uncovers blackmail, an erotic trio of muses and experimentation with psychedelic drugs… he also gets off with a foxy policewoman with a handcuff fetish.

Bailie's previous two novels, ecopunks (2010) and The Lost Chord (2006) were both published by Lagan Press. He plays guitar in the rock band Samson Stone.

Official author website: TonyBailie.com

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