6 January 2015

Author profile: Adrian McKinty

"I Hear the Sirens in the Street blew my bloody doors off!"
- Ian Rankin
Adrian McKinty has written more than 16 books, from crime and mystery novels to YA fiction. He also co-edited Belfast Noir (2014) with Stuart Neville.

McKinty's first crime novel, Dead I Well May Be (2003), the first in the Michael Forsythe trilogy, was shortlisted for the 2004 Steel Dagger Award.

The award-winning DI Sean Duffy series began with The Cold Cold Ground (2012) and is now on its fourth novel, Gun Street Girl (2015). It features a Catholic cop in a predominantly Protestant RUC in Northern Ireland during the 1980s.

McKinty grew up in Carrickfergus in County Antrim. He studied law at Warwick University and politics and philosophy at Oxford.

After college he worked in New York City "at various odd jobs with varying degrees of legality" until 2001 when he moved to Denver, Colorado to teach English. In 2008 he emigrated again, this time to Melbourne in Australia with his wife and children.
"McKinty's descriptions of Belfast won't win him any friends in the Northern tourist industry. But Joyceans will be entertained spotting the many nods to Ulysses."  - Eugene McEldowney
Official author website: Adrianmckinty.com

The author on Twitter: @adrianmckinty

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